Money talks

Many of my better sellers have a finance theme, so I have extended my collection of money shots with, well, shots of money! It’s a saturated market so coming up with ideas that hadn’t been photographed before was the biggest challenge, it’s nice to ofter designers something new.

I prefer to shoot Australian money to give me a point of difference. There appears to be approximately 150,000 microstockers around the world and only a small proportion live in Australia. I used circulated money as that is what viewers are most used to seeing, but I do wonder if crisp and shiny uncirculated money would sell better?

My word of the day is “obverse”. Images of Queen Elizabeth II are subject to copyright, and Australian coins all have the Queen on the reverse so I photographed all coins with the front side up, otherwise known as obverse. As you’ve probably guessed, the opposite of obverse is reverse. Edumacation.

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