Wetlands Waste

A century ago, the Yellagonga National Park was a haven for market gardens and intensive agriculture.  Now it is a nature reserve set in the midst of Perth suburbia.

The reserve is home to hundreds of kangaroos and wetlands wildlife, but remnants of past occupants can still be seen.  On a recent visit I found a treasure trove of old vehicles, buildings and farming equipment.  Learning about the items photographed was a voyage into the recent past, but I stumbled when trying to identify the yellow truck featured in the photographs.  With some assistance from my mechanically-minded father I managed to deduce it is in fact a 1950 Dodge Series B pickup truck with optional quarter windows, but customised with a solid bonnet and an individually-modified front end – a vintage hotrod if you will!

Abandoned yellow pickup truck

Modified 1950 Dodge Series B

B&W abandoned truck

1950's Austin van has seen better days

Abandoned Austin van

Rusty water tank

Farm building at dusk

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